Life Groups

Small Groups

BHC Kids

Focus Youth

Life Groups

We want to live life together our life groups are where we can do that. Life groups are where we get together and spend time in our shared interests.

Fight Night

This group is all about getting together and watching professional fights. This is the perfect group if you enjoy watching martial arts.

Disc Golf

This group gets together and plays rounds of disc golf during the summer months and enjoys putting games during the winter months. This group is awesome if you want to get to know some other people who play disc golf.

Wild Brunch Bunch

This group is for women who are over the age of 40 and are looking to get together and talk and get to know each other while enjoying some brunch.

Classy Couples

This group is for couples that just want to get away and have a good time with other couples over food and fun. Worried about what to do with your kids? There is childcare provided. Wanting to connect with other couples? Come join us.

Life groups are always growing and always changing, so if you would like to see more, come join us, and let’s create more!

Small Groups

Our small groups are the next after life groups. In our small groups, we go deeper into the Word and have conversations about scripture. Small groups are biblically focused.

Mid-Week Bible Study

Our Wednesday night small group Bible study is open for everyone that wants to be there. We study the Word going chapter by chapter, verse by verse. There is facilitated conversation.

Women's Bible Study

Our women’s Bible study is for all women. Similar to Wednesday night, we go book by book and use band to communicate throughout the week, and we try to meet together when we can.

Men's Bible Study

This Bible study is for men to grow together. Similar to our other two small groups, this Bible study goes book by book. We utilize WhatsApp to have conversation throughout the week and meet in person as we can.

BHC Kids

BHC Kids is a safe place for kids to build a foundation based on Christ. We want to teach kids how to study and spend time with Jesus as well as love people the way that Jesus does, as well as how to listen to the Spirit’s leading. BHC Kids has service on Sunday mornings and begins in the main auditorium so that kids can worship with their families; also, we have a F.R.O.G. class that meets on

Wednesday nights during our small group Bible study. We also have nursery services available for your youngest kids.

Our children’s ministry runs nursery from ages newborn – 4 and Children’s from 5 – 5th grade. Our teachers and workers are background checked so that you know your kids are with trusted instructors. We want our children’s ministry to be a safe place for your kids to begin building into thriving followers of Christ, as well as learn to build each other up and point each other to Jesus.

Focus Youth

Here at Focus Youth, our main goal is to focus on what is most important, and that is our relationship with Christ. We want our students to focus on building up not just themselves but also build lasting friendships with the other students here. Our focus is also to build connections and relationships with the surrounding community in Cheyenne, working together to reach this awesome city and the students here!

Focus Youth meets each week on Tuesdays at 7pm here at Beacon Hill Cheyenne. We connect and work with grades 6th-12th, and as we are currently building, our goal is to begin working our students into small groups that can connect with each other to talk about aspects of life they are currently going through with other students struggling to achieve those same goals.